Ladies and Gentlemen: Puppetz Has an Update!


First Update for Puppetz

First Update for Puppetz

Hi folks,


we are glad to announce that the first update for Puppetz is now available. Hoooray!

This is the improved stuff:

– A ludicrous amount of bugs fixed: now the game plays even better than before. No more crashes!

– Audio and visuals GREATLY improved. Now Puppetz looks and sounds sooooooo much better.

– New filthy sound effects to make the game experience even more questionable!


If you wanna download the game for free, click here.

To see Puppetz’ trailer click here.


Stay tuned for the upcoming news , my friends!





A huge update for Puppetz is on the way



Hi there,


the first giga-update for Puppetz is coming in a few hours. It took some time, but we are sooo proud of it. Puppetz will look, play and sound much better!

More details soon.




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Puppetz – Psychiatric case # 13: P_Eater

P_eater (Cannibale)

Patient: P_Eater

Physical traits: Euphoric ferocious cannibal

Likes: Chewing people, Dr. Tremor

Loathes: Turnips, Carl Dummy

Case History:  As it was pointed out by Dr. It-Chy A. Nus, patient P_Eater is a peculiar case of trauma-induced psychosis and innate paraphilic tendencies. After another deviate surgery performed by the infamous Dr. Tremor, P_Eater’s jaw was replaced with a piece of metal junk. Unexpectedly, instead of being in despair, the patient greatly appreciated his new condition and felt a huge debt of gratitude for Dr. Tremor.

After his “rebirth”, P_Eater discovered his passion for devouring his own kind. It was reported that his deep hatred for Carl Dummy is due to the fact that Carl seems to be inedible.


Suggested treatment: Vegan diet

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[All the Psychiatric records were created by Michele Morelli]

Puppetz – Psychiatric case # 19: Shadow

Puppetz - Shadow


Patient: Psychotic Elite: Shadow

Physical traits: Virtually Unbeatable Dark Entity

Likes: Unmotivated massacre, ultra-brutal metal

Loathes: Light, Elvis Presley

Case History:  Shadow is a dark entity which has been infesting the halls of the hospital since the misterious case known as “The Burial Ground Incident”.

During the activities of enlargement of the hospital, a hidden sepulchral room was discovered in the basement of the building. It was reported that as soon as the gate of the room was opened, a “burning dark light” was released, killing most of the workers. Since then, the ferocious entity known as Shadow has been tormenting the patients of the hospital.

Also, it was reported that another entity was released during the “The Burial Ground Incident”. However, these reports are not backed up by any empirical proof.

It seems that the origin of the bloody feud between Shadow and Light can be found in the unsovable disagreement about their musical tastes.

Suggested treatment: N\A

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[All the Psychiatric records were created by Michele Morelli]

Puppetz – Psychiatric case # 4: Bart Gunner

Puppetz: Bart Gunner

Patient: Bart Gunner

Physical traits: deranged gun rights activist

Likes: Guns, his Country

Loathes: Hippies, Communism, The Fault

Case History: Another case of delusional psychopathia. Before being arrested and hospitalized for multiple murder, the patient was known for being one of the most fervent gun rights advocates of his community. His followers’ approval quickly turned into terror when Bart Gunner opened fire against them during a pro-guns meeting. When later the patient was asked about this unexplainable carnage, he answered that “they were all communists” and that “he was doing that for his country”.

It has been reported that the patient seems to loathe The Fault, as, for some unexplainable reason, he is convinced that he is a damn’ anti-guns hippie (sic.).

Suggested treatment: Stone Therapy

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[All the Psychiatric records were created by Michele Morelli]

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Puppetz is Our Way to Say That In-App-Purchases and Similar Kind of Stuff Suck

Puppetz has no in-app-purchases

Hi there!

Today I want to tell you about the reasons why we decided to put Puppetz on the Appstore completely for free, with no In-App-Purchases, ads or similar stuff.

Long story short: we honestly think that IAPs and similar kind of systems (e.g. DLCs) are questionable and that they are one of the lowest forms of scam ever linked to the world of video games. Period.

We like the idea that a video game player, once he or she buys the game, should be able to get more powerful items or weapons just by playing the game, completing the missions and doing some grinding. That’s the way how video games should be. The idea of using real money to buy virtual commodities is contemptible at best, and it’s transforming video games into scammy slot-machines.

My friends, this is our opinion as game developers: IAP-like kind of stuff is a huge waste of money. Inducing video game players (especially young ones) to purchasing virtual commodities by paying real money is as contemptible as handing free packs of cigarettes out of an elementary school. It’s scary! What makes us really sad is that also several self-proclaimed indie game developers resort to this sneaky expedient in the attempt to increase their earnings.

To conclude: Puppetz is our big f@#k off to what in our humble opinion is making the contemporary video game scene smell funky. Video games should be seen as an exciting form of contemporary art, not as freaking slot-machines, and video game players should be respected by developers.

Take care my friends,

The Puppetz people

To see Puppetz’ trailer click here.

If you wanna download the game for free, click here.

P.eater (people eater) is hungry for Puppetz!

Puppetz are growing up!

Hi there!
Today I want to show you some new stuff I am working on for a potential sequel for Puppetz, free iPhone game.

Ladies and Gents, … this is P_Eater!

For more more more more more P.eater’s detail click here.

If you want to know more about Puppetz, our deviated free iPhone game, click here.

If you want download the game, click here.

Take care,