Puppetz – Psychiatric case # 2: Dr. Tremor

Dr. Tremor is one of the Puppetz

Patient: Dr. Tremor

Physical traits: Blood-thirsty surgeon

Likes: Unnecessary surgery

Loathes: Operating with anestesia

Case History: A peculiar combination of delusional psychosis and severe psychopathy (For a collection of similar case studies, see M.Y. Butt, 1966, p.38). While ignoring the most basic medical practices – let alone the position of internal organs- the patient is convinced he is a famous maxillofacial surgeon. Being deeply immersed in his delusion, he practices his distorted version of medicine on the other non-consenting patients of the asylum (See The Fault).

Suggested treatment: Autogenic training

If you wanna know more about this free iPhone game, visit Puppetz on Behance.


[All the Psychiatric records were created by Michele Morelli]



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