Puppetz – Psychiatric case #8: Carl Dummy

Puppetz - Carl Dummy

Patient: Carl Dummy

Physical traits: Pathological liar dummy

Likes: lying, playing hooky, murdering with no reason

Loathes: Da Clown

Case History: A typical case of Pseudologia Fantastica (see P.E. Enocchio, 1934, p.98), Carl Dummy was assembled by T.J.Petto, a qualified worker at a notable Italian automotive manufacturer. A series of ferocious homicides broke out immediately after the last screw was tightened on Carl Cummy’s body. Despite his undeniable guilt, the patient  defended himself by blaming his maker T.J.Petto, whose destiny is unknown.

Carl Dummy briefly worked as a mascot for McPuppetz (attracting Da Clown‘s hatred), but he was soon laid off due to his urge to kill and lie (according to McPuppetz’ spokesman, lies could especially displease the investors).

Suggested treatment: Fruit juice therapy

If you wanna know more about Puppetz, our wicked free iPhone game, click here.

If you wanna download the game, click here.

[All the Psychiatric records were created by Michele Morelli]


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