Ladies and Gentlemen: Puppetz Has an Update!


First Update for Puppetz

First Update for Puppetz

Hi folks,


we are glad to announce that the first update for Puppetz is now available. Hoooray!

This is the improved stuff:

– A ludicrous amount of bugs fixed: now the game plays even better than before. No more crashes!

– Audio and visuals GREATLY improved. Now Puppetz looks and sounds sooooooo much better.

– New filthy sound effects to make the game experience even more questionable!


If you wanna download the game for free, click here.

To see Puppetz’ trailer click here.


Stay tuned for the upcoming news , my friends!






A huge update for Puppetz is on the way



Hi there,


the first giga-update for Puppetz is coming in a few hours. It took some time, but we are sooo proud of it. Puppetz will look, play and sound much better!

More details soon.




If you wanna know more about Puppetz, our brutal free iPhone game, click here.

Puppetz – The first update is coming soon…

the first Update is coming

Hi there!

I am glad to announce that Puppetz is doing good so far, and this makes us all very proud! Thank you! Grazie! Arigatou!

We are working hard on the first update, that will fix some bugs you pointed outand will add some tweaks. Stay tuned because big news will come in the next days.

If you wanna know more about Puppetz, our bastard free iPhone game, click here.

If you wanna download the game, click here.

Take care, my friends,