Puppetz – Psychiatric case # 13: P_Eater

P_eater (Cannibale)

Patient: P_Eater

Physical traits: Euphoric ferocious cannibal

Likes: Chewing people, Dr. Tremor

Loathes: Turnips, Carl Dummy

Case History:  As it was pointed out by Dr. It-Chy A. Nus, patient P_Eater is a peculiar case of trauma-induced psychosis and innate paraphilic tendencies. After another deviate surgery performed by the infamous Dr. Tremor, P_Eater’s jaw was replaced with a piece of metal junk. Unexpectedly, instead of being in despair, the patient greatly appreciated his new condition and felt a huge debt of gratitude for Dr. Tremor.

After his “rebirth”, P_Eater discovered his passion for devouring his own kind. It was reported that his deep hatred for Carl Dummy is due to the fact that Carl seems to be inedible.


Suggested treatment: Vegan diet

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[All the Psychiatric records were created by Michele Morelli]