P.eater (people eater) is hungry for Puppetz!

Puppetz are growing up!

Hi there!
Today I want to show you some new stuff I am working on for a potential sequel for Puppetz, free iPhone game.

Ladies and Gents, … this is P_Eater!

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Puppetz – Psychiatric case #8: Carl Dummy

Puppetz - Carl Dummy

Patient: Carl Dummy

Physical traits: Pathological liar dummy

Likes: lying, playing hooky, murdering with no reason

Loathes: Da Clown

Case History: A typical case of Pseudologia Fantastica (see P.E. Enocchio, 1934, p.98), Carl Dummy was assembled by T.J.Petto, a qualified worker at a notable Italian automotive manufacturer. A series of ferocious homicides broke out immediately after the last screw was tightened on Carl Cummy’s body. Despite his undeniable guilt, the patient  defended himself by blaming his maker T.J.Petto, whose destiny is unknown.

Carl Dummy briefly worked as a mascot for McPuppetz (attracting Da Clown‘s hatred), but he was soon laid off due to his urge to kill and lie (according to McPuppetz’ spokesman, lies could especially displease the investors).

Suggested treatment: Fruit juice therapy

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[All the Psychiatric records were created by Michele Morelli]

Thanks to all the supporters of Puppetz!

Hit your Puppetz!

Hi folks,

I’d like to say a big thank you to all the people that have already downloaded Puppetz, our free iPhone game available on the appstore. Please, feel free to suggest if you have any feedback about the quality of the game or anything else.

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Puppetz – Psychiatric case # 5: Adam Patcher

Puppetz - Patient case report

Patient: Adam Patcher

Physical traits: Repulsive meat pieced work

Likes: DIY, being creative

Loathes: Billy Hill

Case History: One of the few real celebrities of the hospital, patient Adam Patcher’s reputation as a renowed fashion stylist was outstripped by the international bewilderment provoked by the presentation of his last spring\summer collection. After shocking the audience with an unbearably atrocious fashion show, featuring scalped and  (most likely non-consenting) mutilated models, patient Patcher made his triumphal entry displaying his peculiar idea of tailored suit. Considerable shares of his own skin were cut out and sewed up in an apparently random logic.

An examination of the patient’s ectodermal tissue made evident that an extensive skin portion of his own perineal area is now stitched up to his face. This information was eavesdropped by patient BillyHill, who spread the news and made patient Patcher one of the most bullied Puppetz hospitalized at the Asylum.

Suggested treatment: Homeopathy

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[All the Psychiatric records were created by Michele Morelli]

Waiting for Puppetz #5: the time has almost come…

Puppetz is coming


Dear friends,

Puppetz is going to be released on Wednesday… I am so happy I can see the results of so much effort! I’m definitely looking forward to it.

In case you want to know more about our lil’ bastard, check this page.

Just in case you missed the new gameplay trailer, here it is!

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