Puppetz – Psychiatric case # 20: Kevingum

Puppetz - case 20

Patient: Psychotic Elite: Kevingum

Physical traits: Obscure urban legend

Likes: ???

Loathes: ???

Case History: Among the members of the so-called Psychotic Elite, Kevin Gum is by far the most enigmatic. The assumption of his existance relies on evidence from patient Mad Demon. Questioned about the unexplainable sudden death of 567 patients during a 30-seconds blackout in the Asylum, Mad Demon reported to have witnessed a “(…)glowing pink light that slaughtered all the others (…)”. When the light was turned on again, the patient reported to have seen a “(…) ridicolously fast pink humanoid thing disappearing through the waste pipe (…)”. “His arms…. his arms”, he added.

Although patient Mad Demon’s perception of reality is hardly trustworthy, the existence of Kevin Gum is a possibility which should not be underrated.

Suggested treatment: N\A

If you wanna know more about Puppetz, our twisted free iPhone game, visit this page.

[All the Psychiatric records were created by Michele Morelli]


Puppetz is coming veeeery soon

Paride Bertolin's Free iPhone game

Hello my friends.

Big news today: the first sexy teaser for Puppetz is ready, and will be uploaded in the next few hours. The release date is getting nearer and we are feeling so excited about it.

Select your Puppetz

Let me tell you something about the amazing people who worked with me on Puppetz. Riccardo and Nilo made a great job at programming the game. I am always impressed when I see how smooth and fun they made the gameplay. Alessandro made an awesome job by creating the 3d models of the characters and by dealing with the level design. When you’ll finally play Puppetz, you’ll see how cool it looks :-). Michele composed and recorded the ubercool sountrack of the game. Sexy, sexy music!

I owe my sincere gratitude to these guys. Mates, without your impressive efforts a big achievement like Puppetz wouldn’t have been possible! Thanks! Thanks!

Gameplay of Puppetz


Puppetz, our free iOS game, will be released very soon. If you wanna see something more, check my Behance page.


Stay tuned, there’s much more to come.


Take care my friends,





So, what is Puppetz?

 Paride "Jab" Bertolin's Puppetz

Welcome back, people!

As I promised, today I’m gonna tell you more about our little weird creature: Puppetz.

Puppetz is an upcoming free iOS game. I define it as a bizarre compromise between a wicked platform and a dual stick shooter.

The game is set in a spooky lunatic asylum, where all the characters- the Puppetz! – have been interned. Each of them is obsessed by something. Each of them is out of its mind, pissed and dangerous.

In Puppetz you will have the chance  to visit the scary corridors of the asylum, in order to defeat the other patients and become the most powerful nutty puppet serial killer. While defeating hordes of puppetz, you will also find dimensional openings that will teleport your screwy killer inside the sick mind of some patient of the hospital… and this is when the real carnage starts!

To sum up: loads of weapons, loads of unlockable puppetz, loads of crazy levels, an impressive amount of achievements and missions. All for free. No damn’ IAPs, no adds, no money at all. Not too bad for a hot iPhone game, isn’it?

If you want to know more about Puppetz, check my profile on Behance.

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Much more is coming in the next days… we are pretty excited!

Take care,