Puppetz – Psychiatric case # 11: Jambo Jab

Puppetz - Jambo Jab

Patient: Jambo Jab

Physical traits: deranged boxer (apparently)

Likes: making other people think he is a boxer…

Loathes: …when they discover he is not

Case History: Jambo Jab is one of the most notable patients hospitalized in this mental health structure, and his case was analized by several authors (e.g., see H.A. Iry, B. Alls, 1997, p.45).

Although appearances might mislead, this patient is not a boxer at all: the psychometric exams made clear that he ignores even the most elementary boxing techniques, let alone the rules. Nevertheless, he is affected by a severe form of Dementia Pugilistica, which cannot be explained by Medical Science.

Due both to his boxing outfit and to the extreme contentiousness caused by his pathology (combined with his remarkable physical strength), he is considered as utterly dangerous by some of the other patients, such as Adam Patcher.


Suggested treatment: Talk therapy

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[All the Psychiatric records were created by Michele Morelli]


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