Puppetz – Psychiatric case # 10: Mike Starter

Pyromaniac Puppet

Patient: Mike Starter

Physical traits: Half-baked pyromaniac

Likes: starting fires

Loathes: Light

Case History: Suffering from a severe pyromaniac impulse control disorder, the patient was hospitalised in this mental health structure. For several months after his arrival, he had been considered one of the most dangerous murderers of the whole asylum. This changed when the patient decided to set fire to Light‘s room, completely destroying his collection of Elvis Presley’s vinyls, which he seemed to be very fond of.  

As a result, the patient was brutally desfigured and mutilated by Light’s wrath. Yet, it has to be noted that, even if severely wounded, Mike Starter is the only patient who survived the attack of one of the members of the Psychotic Elite.

Suggested treatment: Arnica montana compress

If you wanna know more about Puppetz, an incendiary free iPhone game, click here.

[All the Psychiatric records were created by Michele Morelli]



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