Puppetz – Psychiatric case # 16: Zombie

Puppetz - zombie puppet

Patient: Zombie

Physical traits: Spooky zombified puppet

Likes: Appearing on iPhone games

Loathes: Headshots

Case History: A peculiar disease is affecting a considerable number of patients. Even if an ethiological study of the epidemic was attempted, results have been unsatisfactory so far. It was observed that many patients started being affected by unexplainable symptoms, such as: autogenous decay, loss of speech, aggressive behaviour and appetite for other patients’ brain. Initially, an epidemic of Necrotizing Fasciitis was supposed, but this would hardly explain the hunger for brains.

Suggested treatment: Ananda Yoga (for at least 3 weeks)

If you wanna know more about Puppetz, a wicked free iPhone game, visit this page.

[All the Psychiatric records were created by Michele Morelli]


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