Puppetz – Psychiatric case # 3: Leonerd

Puppetz name: Leonerd

Patient: Leonerd

Physical traits: Geeky maniac

Likes: CoP 3, J-RPGs

Loathes: Max Bain

Case History: Once the undefeated world champion of CoP3 (Call of Puppetz 3), the relentless bullying perpetrated by the other puppetz (especially Max Bain) deranged the patient, who became one of the most ferocious murderers hospitalized in this mental health structure. Our clinical tests on the patient highlighted an abnormal release of serotonin when he smashes someone’s head with his keyboard.

Suggested treatment: Aromatherapy

If you wanna know more about Puppetz, this cool free iPhone game, click here.

[All the Psychiatric records were created by Michele Morelli]


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