Puppetz is Groovy :-)

Puppetz by paride Bertolin


The reason why I think Puppetz kicks asses is not that we spent so much time and effort on it.

It’s because this lil’ bastard was crafted with love.

Seriously. I and my mates worked really hard together, and we made our best to make it a game we would enjoy playing. The contribution of everyone was crucial. Alessandro Mocchetti made a great job with 3d models and level design; Nilo Marabese created the graphic engine from scratch and, together with Riccardo Tognin, programmed the gameplay; Michele “Migue” Morelli composed the cool music of the game. Working side by side to  such extremely talented people was a great chance. Thanks guys!

What follows is just a taste of the soundtrack of Puppetz by Michele Morelli. Check it out!

Puppetz theme by Michele “Migue” Morelli


If you want to know more about Puppetz, check this page.


Take care,




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